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Our Mission

Jerry Miller, the founder and principal of Fabric Developers, is one of the early pioneers of the intown Atlanta renaissance.

His unique brand of creative, community-oriented, urban residential development helped generate the momentum for this exciting transformation we see in Atlanta today.

From his wealth of experience, Jerry has formed a vision for a company that is playing a key role in the future development of Atlanta and other urban areas that are making the shift to walkable, healthy, human-scale cities.

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Mission Statement

To restore the fabric of the city of Atlanta and other urban areas through neighborhood-oriented development.

We will develop projects in lost or ignored areas, making them an enduring credit to the city; provide opportunities for neighborhood and commercial services; and explore creative ways to include people of limited means.

We will seek to improve the sustainability of the city, provide stimulating spaces for creative people, and—wherever possible—revive significant historic buildings.

At Fabric, we have paved the way toward a unique and important kind of urban, neighborhood-oriented development. We focus on areas that create a true sense of place and comfortable space, and enrich and strengthen city life in between the high rises, down on the street level.

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